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Sunglass lenses for all-rounders

Enhanced contrast perception with optimum UV protection and rich colours with the premium Skylet® tint

Sunglass lenses for all-rounders

Whether they need non-prescription, single vision or progressive lenses, all-rounders want sunglasses that they can wear every day and in any situation, and lenses that protect their eyes reliably against direct glare and harmful UV radiation. Not too much to ask, you may be thinking. However, individuality and fashionable aspects count just as much here as wearing and visual comfort.


ZEISS offers a wide selection of tints and customised colours that also provide perfect UV protection: after all, not every tint or colour meets everyone’s taste. A special highlight: the premium Skylet® tint that promises not only enhanced contrast, but also better colour perception. The secret behind it all: Skylet® is designed for three different areas of use, each with different tint intensities – Skylet® Fun for every day, Skylet® Sport for sports enthusiasts and Skylet® Road for drivers.

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