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Optical Basics, Optics and the eye

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Optics & the Eye


Here you can find some interesting information about such optical parameters as wavelength, refractive index, transmittance, etc. and the role they play in the field of spectacle lenses.
Visual deficiencies, or "ametropia" as the expert calls them, and the possibilities available to correct them are explained and illustrated in a clear, easy-to-understand way.
You will also receive some useful information not only about the principles behind antireflection coatings, but also about the benefits provided by coated lenses.

Optical Parameters

Learn more about the optical parameters that are important to understand how spectacle lenses work and how their performance can be rated.

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Ametropic Eye

Here you can learn more about the structure of the eye, the various visual defects that exist, and the changes that occur to vision from about the age of 40 onwards.

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Join us for a look back at the key milestones in the development of binoculars. In addition, you will discover key facts & figures about binoculars, as well as an overview of the different types of ZEISS binoculars.


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