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In the Middle East and North Africa region products from ZEISS Vision Care are sold by the following exclusive distributors. Your inquiry will therefore be forwarded to our distributors on site and then answered by them. The on-site distributor bears sole responsibility for the correctness of the answers. ZEISS Vision Care will accept no liability in this regard.

Carl Zeiss Vision Customers Middle East / North Africa

Country Company
Bahrain Tawazi
Cyprus Alion
Egypt Mounir Nassif Optics
Iraq Brand Optics
Iran Optical Trading Centre (OTC)
Israel Luxvision
Jordan Dehlawi Optical Industries
Kuwait Hassan's Optician
Lebanon IDOL
Oman Tawazi
Pakistan Dehlawi Optical Industries
Qatar Tawazi
Saudi Arabia  Dehlawi Optical Industries
Syria Kabak for Optics
United Arab Emirates
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