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Go on a journey with us to enjoy better vision.

Do you expect outstanding quality and first-rate service? Discover a fascinating world devoted to our brand – the ZEISS VISION CENTER.

You'll become part of a personalised consultation process – My Vision Experience by ZEISS – experience innovative ZEISS technologies and, together with a qualified vision analysis expert, determine your individualised ZEISS vision solution tailored to your particular needs.

My Vision Experience by ZEISS

Your eyes are in good hands with ZEISS. A pioneer in the field of precision optics, ZEISS has developed a comprehensive vision analysis that draws on our extensive experience and gives us maximum insight into your needs.

  • Your Visual Needs Analysis

    Together, we'll discuss:

    • Your visual habits.
    • Your particular vision requirements.
    • What your new glasses should offer.
  • Your Precise Eye Map

    ZEISS spectacle lenses, which are produced based on these measuring results, can significantly improve the quality of your vision:

    • Experience sharper vision at night and in twilight.
    • Enjoy significantly better contrast vision.
    • Colours appear more natural.
  • Your Eye Health Check

    Keep track of your eye health with the ZEISS screening:

    • Anterior and posterior segments of the eye are checked.
    • The function and performance of your eyes are documented.
  • Your Visual Performance Analysis

    A clear result:

    • Customised lenses based on your exact prescription.
    • Clear vision in any situation.
    • Excellent 3D perception.
  • Your Frame Selection

    Thanks to the large selection of designs available, we'll find the frames that work for you:

    • Frames that either complement or alter your appearance.
    • Frames designed for a specific function and made from the right materials to meet your needs.
  • Your Lenses - Adjusted to Fit the Shape Of Your Face

    A precise result: every pair of glasses sits differently. We'll measure the position with an accuracy of 1/10 mm to optimise the interaction between your eye and the lens.

  • Your Customised Lens Solutions

    We'll recommend the best ZEISS precision lenses. A large selection of ZEISS lens solutions are available that meet your particular vision needs.

  • Your Glasses – Ready for Collection

    With the arrival of your new glasses, you'll receive a valuable comprehensive package:

    • Better vision you can actually see.
    • Guaranteed brand quality.
    • The 12-month tolerance guarantee from ZEISS.

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