Durability & care

ZEISS DuraVision lens coatings

Like superpowers for your glasses.

  • ZEISS lenses with DuraVision® coating placed on a glass pedestal surrounded by water, sand, beads and stone.
  • Do lens reflections hide your eyes from the world?
  • Do you really ever keep your glasses in their case?
  • Are you constantly annoyed by dirty, smudged glasses?

DuraVision® to the rescue.

We’ll reinforce your lenses with some thin invisible layers to make them durable and anti-reflective and keep them cleaner for longer. See and be seen clearly. Get a ZEISS DuraVision lens coating of your choice to enhance and protect your glasses.

From anti-reflective to hydrophobic, each of these coating layers provides unique benefits to your ZEISS lenses.

Discover the magic of advanced coating technology.

Lens coatings explained.
A schematic visual showing the types of coatings responsible for the different benefits of ZEISS DuraVision products: UV protection, durability, dirt resistance, anti-reflective and easy to clean.
Protective Back surface UV protection
A clear ZEISS lens with UV protection, partly in the shade and partly in the sun.

An additional anti-reflective layer on the back of your ZEISS lenses, reduces indirect light reflected into the eye to complement the protection offered by ZEISS UVProtect technology.

Strong Thermally cured hard coating
A ZEISS lens with a durable coating is covered in rough sand but still scratch-free.

Hard coating is a process in which a thin layer – designed to be more durable than the material of the lens itself – is applied to the surface of a lens to strengthen it and reduce the chances of scratches. It also increases the durability of the lens in combination with other coating layers.

Grime busting Anti-static layer
Small polystyrene balls are pushed away from a coated ZEISS lens thanks to its anti static properties. It does the same to dust and dirt.

An anti-static coating layer prevents particles from sticking to your lenses. It reduces dust and dirt build-up – to keep your vision clear and your glasses cleaner for longer.

Beautifying Anti-reflective coating stack
A lens with ZEISS Platinum coating is crystal clear with no reflections compared to the glass ball next to it.

An anti-reflective coating eliminates glare and reflections on your lenses, making them almost invisible. You’ll look more natural – and people can actually see your eyes. In addition, the anti-reflective coating helps reduce annoying reflections from lights, making it easier to see clearly in any environment.

Low Maintenance Water & oil repellent top coat
A water drop slides off a ZEISS lens with an easy clean coating.

An ultra-smooth clean coat forms a strong, protective layer on the surface of the lens to keep water, dirt, and oil from settling on the surface. It helps reduce smudging and makes the lens easy to clean.

Enjoy the DuraVision® difference.

Coat your worries away.
A spectacle lens with the ZEISS logo collides with sand.

More than tough enough.

All ZEISS DuraVision coatings offer excellent scratch resistance. Make your glasses durable enough to withstand whatever life throws at them.

A pair of glasses with grey-blue frames and ZEISS lenses with DuraVision® coating lies on a white microfibre cloth.

Easy to clean – and cleaner for longer.

Worry less about smudges and streaks on your glasses – just a few simple swipes and you're all set. Spend less time trying to keep your glasses clean and more time looking great.

A picture with a slider showing a person wearing glasses. When you move the slider, you can see that ZEISS lenses with DuraVision coating are much less reflective..
A picture with a slider showing a person wearing glasses. When you move the slider, you can see that ZEISS lenses with DuraVision coating are much less reflective.

Reflections away, good looks to stay.

Your eyes don’t have to hide behind annoying reflections on your glasses. ZEISS anti-reflective coatings make your lenses practically invisible. They also prevent reflected light from messing with your eyesight.   

Glasses with ZEISS lenses and DuraVision® coatings that are half in the shade, half in the sun.

Protection from all sides.

Protecting your eyes from UV rays is essential for maintaining healthy vision and overall eye health. In addition to ZEISS UVProtect technology built into our standard lens material, we apply our anti-reflective coatings on both sides of each lens to take care of UV light reflected from the back surface of your glasses.

Let’s recap.

Did you get it all?

Let’s make sure you’ve got everything covered.

Lens coatings add a finishing touch to your glasses, but you might have some more choices to make.   

Your eyes

Your optician will determine whether you need reading, distance or progressive glasses. ZEISS DuraVision premium lens coatings can further enhance your vision by reducing distracting reflections.

Your lifestyle

In addition to a lens coating of your choice, you can choose a lens design to suit your lifestyle. ZEISS SmartLife lenses are our best all-round option, while ZEISS DriveSafe lenses with their DuraVision® DriveSafe coating are great for those who spend a lot of time on the road.

Your face & frame

Did you know your face and frame can play a role in how well you see? They determine the size and position of your lenses. A little high-tech fine tuning with ZEISS technologies can adapt your lens optics to be one-of-a-kind.

Eye protection

ZEISS lenses come standard with full UV protection. If you want glasses that block blue light as well, we’ll add ZEISS BlueGuard technology to your clear or self-tinting lens material. It’s even better than our blue block coating and has fewer purple reflections.   

Thickness & weight

A good anti-reflective coating will make your eyes more visible to the world. But you also want your lenses to be thin and light. Ask your optician about our wide range of lens materials and indices – for glasses that look and feel as good as possible.   

Durability & care

With an entire family of DuraVision® lens coatings you can level up your ZEISS lenses with a host of added benefits. And ZEISS lens cleaning solutions make cleaning your glasses a breeze.   

Any questions?

  • Lens coatings are thin layers of specialized material placed on the lens surface to reduce reflection and glare and enhance them with a range of other benefits. These coatings are applied to the lens surface using a process called vacuum coating, where the lens is placed inside a vacuum chamber and a vaporized coatings are applied. To guarantee the hardness of vacuum-deposited ZEISS coatings, the lens surface is bombarded with ions for greater density. This considerably increases their hardness and scratch resistance.

  • While we offer different lens coatings to cater to different needs, ZEISS DuraVision Platinum is top of the range. Here’s why:

    • It’s our hardest-ever lens coating – for superior scratch-resistance and durability.
    • It will have your lenses look practically invisible – unlike many other coatings that have a prominent green or purple reflection.
    • It has all the other benefits of a good lens coating – making your glasses easy to care for and look new for longer.   
  • Absolutely. They offer a number of added benefits that can extend the life of your glasses and enhance your wearing experience. From helpful anti-reflective properties that combat glare to extra durability, scratch resistance, dirt repellence and more: Once you get a DuraVision® lens coating, you’ll never want to do without.   

  • 1

    Compared to ZEISS DuraVision Chrome: R% value of DVP 1.60 FSV 0.409% (single-side) compared to DVC 1.60 FSV 0.825% (single-side).   

  • 2

    ZEISS DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV coating kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on spectacle lens surfaces. Source: Tested by ISO 21702:2019(E) for enveloped viruses and tested by ISO 22196:2011(E) for Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. Efficacy proven after 24 hours as defined by ISO standards.