A picture of three ZEISS Progressive lenses.

ZEISS Progressive lenses

As unique as each customer.

With ZEISS freeform progressive lenses, your customers get  an optimised lens solution for their individual vision needs. Our clear lenses also provide full UV protection.  ZEISS’ premium progressive lens development and excellent manufacturing standards provide smooth transition throughout the lens, irrespective of where your patient is looking.  

Furthermore, our clear ZEISS lenses also provide full UV protection.

ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Lenses

Our most sophisticated progressive lens design to date. Designed and manufactured to address the visual needs of your connected and on-the-move customers. Supported by ZEISS SmartView Technology, and based on applied research of today’s lifestyle, visual behaviour, and individual, age-related visual needs.

ZEISS Progressive DriveSafe lenses

Specifically designed to meet the visual needs of customers with a near addition who want to feel safer and more comfortable when driving. These lenses provide fast refocusing between the road, dashboard and mirrors. Apart from driving, customers using DriveSafe lenses are also satisfied with their glasses in other everyday tasks.